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Harry Maguire backs Solskjaer fully

Harry Maguire backs Solskjaer fully believes he can handle the pressure after a poor performance. Manchester United captain Harry Maguire continues to back the team of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the hot chair. After the final defeat to Liverpool in the Premier League last weekend, To reports from UFABET Manchester Evening News. The

Legendary Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

Legendary Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is a “masterpiece” of the industry. AC Milan legend Arrigo Sacchi has hailed Liverpool performance under Jurgen Klopp at this time. A “masterpiece” in the Premier League. according to the Liverpool Echo. The Italian coach was behind the Rossoneri’s success in the late 80s and early

Klopp admits he still misses Lallana

Klopp admits he still misses Lallana. Calling him the best player he’s ever worked with. Jurgen Klopp has hailed former Liverpool player. Adam Lallana as one of the best players he’s ever worked with. Ahead of the Premier League clash with Brighton. On Saturday night, according to reports from the Liverpool

Klopp: Mohamed Salah is too hot

Klopp: Mohamed Salah is too hot to face Brighton. Liverpool Football Club Manager Jurgen Klopp admits that the drop of Mohamed Salah for rotation to maintain freshness in the game against Brighton during the Egyptian national team star form extremely hot That shouldn’t be done at all , with

Arteta reveals Saliba future

Arteta reveals Saliba future after brilliant Ligue 1 form. Mikel Arteta coach of Arsenal’s top clubs in the Premier League confirmed that William Salisbury and Bath are still vacant in the team is always in twos for the show great for the Olympics Marseille. With a loan contract, To

Klopp reveals how he felt for the first time

Klopp reveals how he felt for the first time. After managing the iconic club without glasses. Eugen Baer Klopp said of the Liverpool team in the Premier League has revealed through. Liverpool Echo The reason for not wearing glasses in the team standing on the field. Which is considered one of the

Ronaldo scored and paid to beat Spurs 0-3

Ronaldo scored and paid to beat Spurs 0-3 at home, per life Solskjaer – Match Report. After a devastating defeat to Liverpool last week. Solskjaer altered the game with a reshuffle and it worked as they were able to beat Tottenham to London. With a

Robertson reveals the atmosphere

Robertson reveals the atmosphere of the Liverpool dressing room. After the 2-2 draw at Brighton. Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson revealed the atmosphere in the Reds dressing room. After the 2-2 draw with Brighton and Hove Albion at Anfield last night. this The atmosphere in the dressing room. After the game ended in a

Ronaldo admits Manchester United players

Ronaldo admits Manchester United players. Were haunted by red poison for the week. Before turning down Spurs. Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted. He and his team-mates have had to endure a difficult time following last week’s humiliating defeat to Liverpool . As reported by Manchester Evening News. The 36

Fellaini reveals how she burst into tears

Fellaini reveals how she burst into tears when Manchester United kicked David Moyes David Moyes’ matchmaker Marouane Fellaini has admitted that he shed tears when Scottish manager David Moyes was beaten by Manchester United in the English Premier League. Sacked from his post Moyes took over at the Red