Walker explains ‘Guns staff’ didn’t shake hands first

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Manchester City defender Kyle Walker reveals Arsenal coach Nicholas Yower refused to shake hands in a previous match. is the background of the wounding incident But admit he may have responded too harshly. Prepare to contact to clear your mind after the national team ends. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

The “Blues” lost to Arsenal 1-0 last week. Then after the game, while walking down the field tunnel, Walker refused to shake hands, causing Yover to be dissatisfied and file a complaint with the referee. Until the two of them clashed heavily. It was hot to those around him who separated

Pep Guardiola in an interview after the game, not wanting to reveal the background, while the FA considered it not severe enough to punish Walker, a 33-year-old right back who is currently in quarantine

. with the English national team Preparing for the Euro qualifiers against Italy and during the pre-match interview. He was asked about the incident. “I don’t like losing ,

like Jower,” the former Tottenham Hotspur player said.

with our club Refused to shake hands with me.”

“Last game we lost, but Yover wanted to shake hands. And I just can’t accept that reaction. “

Until now I haven’t contacted Yower because I’m focusing on England. But of course I will do that at the end of the international break because sometimes my expressions are too much.”