Varane reveals he once played with concussion symptoms

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Raphael Varane has revealed to French media that. He played with a concussion in at least two games with Real Madrid and the French football national team.

Manchester United’s French defender Raphael Varane revealed to L’Equipe on Tuesday that. He once played with concussion symptoms during his time with Real Madrid.UFABET

Varane moved from Lens to play with Real Madrid in the summer of 2011. Before moving to play with Manchester United in the summer of 2021 and remaining with the Red Devils until the present. 

The 30-year-old defender revealed he played two of the most important games of his career with concussions. Even though he didn’t know it before the game started. This was before investigations into increased concussion symptoms became commonplace in football.

One important game that.

Varane should miss is facing Manchester City in the Champions League Round of 16 in 2020. With the French defender revealing that ‘During that game I had concussion symptoms. I felt it from the warm-up. And I told myself, ‘Wake up,’ I almost wanted to slap myself.’

‘during the competition My first three balls were technically clean. But I was too slow, I couldn’t concentrate, I was like a spectator. The competition went well for me. And when looking back I found it to be related to the shock I received.’

It was a poor performance from Varane before Real Madrid lost to Manchester City by scores of 1-2 in both games. 

‘I never miss an important game like this. On the contrary, it makes me more focused. At first I thought the elimination was a personal matter. We didn’t have a good day overall, though. I questioned myself a lot and finally realized that these mistakes don’t just fall from the sky.’

‘During the Liga game with Getafe I was hit in the head by a ball from a corner kick and had to leave the field. I followed the 5 day protoconcussion without much effort. Then we also had a few days off and I remember feeling very tired. But I think it’s about compressing the fixtures near the end of the season.’

Varane further revealed that.

he suffered greatly six years ago when Germany beat France in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

‘I had several concussions. If we look back at the three worst games of my career, there were at least two games where I had concussion symptoms a few days before the game against Germany in the quarter finals of the 2014 World Cup and the game between Real Madrid and Manchester City in the Champions League Round of 16 2020’

‘If someone were to talk to me right now. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to respond. I really can’t play after this shock. And I feel blurry Looking back I wonder if I knew it was concussion. Shall I speak or not? Even if that means not playing the match?’

‘I don’t even know if it was tested 10 years ago. Will I be able to test my ability to play or not when I face Germany in the quarter-finals? You can’t blame the doctor either. It’s a difficult situation. A little complicated I never wanted to talk about it. Because it sounds like an excuse. And I never wanted it to seem that way. Because it’s not.’