Ronaldo scored and paid to beat Spurs 0-3

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Ronaldo scored and paid to beat Spurs 0-3 at home, per life Solskjaer – Match Report.

After a devastating defeat to Liverpool last week. Solskjaer altered the game with a reshuffle and it worked as they were able to beat Tottenham to London. With a decisive scoreline without their opponents firing on target.

Solskjaer came up with a three-center plan and let Ronaldo and Cavani start alongside each other in the front.

The first chance of the game belonged to Son. From the moment that Lo Celso came up to the starboard. Put it for Emerson to open, but the ball came into the shin.

After that it seems to be Manchester United. Who dominate the game. The two backs can be added to open. The offensive game. not lightly dangerous.

Cavani had 2 chances to score in the first 10 minutes but not good enough.

Spurs started to dominate. The game and soon created a danger to the Manchester United. Defensive line until Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire were each yellow.

In the 24th minute. Bruno came out alone. But had no shots turning to turn for Cavani to pounce and head out of the box unfortunately.

In the 27th minute. Spurs sent the ball to the bottom of the net. From Son to Dier’s corner kick. flickered to Romero. quickly charged. But soon after the flag was raised. It confirmed that it was offside.

In the 30th minute, Wan-Bissaka opened the ball into the penalty box to Ronaldo. Sucking the ball down and pasting it back. Hoping for Shaw to continue playing. But not knowing each other. He had to lose the ball to the home team.

In the 32nd minute. Ronaldo flows into the middle for Fred to shoot from far away – Lloris has to force himself to turn away.

Manchester United began to play for sure and did not blindly open like the beginning of the game. Until they were able to come back to dominate the game over their opponents again.