Ronaldo admits Manchester United players

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Ronaldo admits Manchester United players. Were haunted by red poison for the week. Before turning down Spurs.

Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted. He and his team-mates have had to endure a difficult time following last week’s humiliating defeat to Liverpool . As reported by Manchester Evening News.

The 36 year old scored one goal and one assist as the Red Devils defeated. Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 in the Premier League on Saturday. which is a return of good form by the Reds, the main rivals have attacked the house earlier

After the latest game. Ronaldo revealed to the press for the first time how he felt after the defeat that he and his teammates had been struggling all week to regain form.

We knew before this game we had a very difficult week. We had a result that we didn’t expect and was quite sad. But we know that today we will answer those questions. We play well My job is to help the team with experience, scoring goals, making assists and I did it today. I’m very happy.

In terms of a team this is an unbelievable performance. I hope we can turn the situation around now. It’s not just the coaches being watched. So are the players. I believe that something that happens has a reason. And we are happy today, Ronaldo said.