Legendary Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

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Legendary Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is a “masterpiece” of the industry.

AC Milan legend Arrigo Sacchi has hailed Liverpool performance under Jurgen Klopp at this time. A “masterpiece” in the Premier League. according to the Liverpool Echo.

The Italian coach was behind the Rossoneri’s success in the late 80s and early 90s, leading the team to Serie A dominance and winning trophies. European Cup It was the former name of the UEFA Champions League for two consecutive times in 1989 and 1990.

Sacchi, who was considered an influential figure for Jurgen Klopp, gave an interview to Jamie Carragher after Liverpool’s 5-0 thrashing of Manchester United last week. He said of the Reds team that

Liverpool this team is a masterpiece. This is an amazing team without superstar players. This is the real team. You have seen one player playing for 11 players while the other 11 players playing for themselves, 80% of them are moving when they have the ball. If they were an orchestra They will always be a band that plays with the perfect melody at the right time.”

Pep and Klopp are the two greats who keep the ball going. Without this type of coach It means that football is dead. I watched Liverpool vs Barcelona [2019] and it really impressed me.

I feel that way because it’s not just a team win. But it was a victory for the whole city. If the next life is real, I would like to be a coach in England once.