Klopp reveals how he felt for the first time

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Klopp reveals how he felt for the first time. After managing the iconic club without glasses.

Eugen Baer Klopp said of the Liverpool team in the Premier League has revealed through. Liverpool Echo The reason for not wearing glasses in the team standing on the field. Which is considered one of the characteristics that make people remember him

It was previously UFABET reported that the German team had undergone eye treatments called “Lens implants” or augmentation of lenses into the eyes to treat refractive errors. This allows him not to wear glasses in everyday life, including at work. Which referred to in an interview about this matter.

How do I feel. When I’m not wearing glasses anymore? I’m telling you it’s not very familiar. It’s weird I have to say that. but I’m fine. I don’t even need to wear it. But sometimes there might be some situations that require it. Which I don’t know But it’s still weird.

But I still need it if I have to look very far. Now the light is getting worse. We play in overexposed games. I still can’t get used to it. It’s quite difficult.

Suddenly I saw a shadow or something like this. which you can’t see when you wear glasses Before, if you took it off You won’t be able to see anyone’s face. But now I can see everything. But if I have to manage a team. It might be necessary. But for everyday things. I don’t need it anymore,” said Klopp.