Guru speculates Salah’s highest wages

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Guru speculates Mohamed Salah highest wages if he agrees a new contract with Liverpool.

Ex-England defender Danny Mills believes Mohamed Salah has agreed a new contract with Liverpool estimated to be worth around £425,000-a-week.

The Egypt international has been in superb form this season with 17 goals in 13 appearances across all competitions, of which 10 have come in 10 Premier League appearances.

However the situation regarding the renewal of Salah’s. New contract has not yet been resolved. His agent is rumored to be demanding £500,000 week. But Danny Mills believes the two sides will eventually be able to agree on a £425,000 week deal. most likely

If you ask for £400,000 and they offer £350,000. Then there’s a good chance they’ll agree on £375,000 week.

If you ask for £500,000 week and they offer you £350,000 week. It’s also likely to end up at £425,000 week or perhaps £400,000. Which could be the number Salah is already looking for. It’s the standard of negotiation.”

The Egyptian international striker has performed brilliantly. The Reds at the start of the 2021/22 season. After scoring in seven consecutive games. With nine goals in nine appearances. Every cup, every item, makes Liverpool try to renew a new contract with the News. after news that The giants in Europe want to grab him to join the team. But the latest Independence. The famous British media. It has confirmed that Salah is willing to extend. His contract that expires in 2023.