Gomez talks about his position playing with Liverpool under new manager

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Gomez talks about his position playing with Liverpool under a new manager next season.

  • Joe Gomez was taken by Jurgen Klopp to play almost every position in the defense.
  • He performed so well that he was called up to the England national team for Euro 2024 in the middle of this year.
  • The players confirmed that they are ready to do everything for the team.

Joe Gomez, the versatile defender of Liverpool, the giant club of the war. The English Premier League confirms that they are ready to play every position for the “Reds” as assigned by the manager. Without having to stand as a center half. alone

The 27-year-old said: “Of course, I still feel I can play ยูฟ่าเบท my best at centre-half. But it’s clear that I enjoy playing football. And for me, the first thing that comes first is Giving everything to this club’s emblem No matter what happens.”

 “I think at some point in my career I started to be able to deal with different situations more. I wasn’t a kid who had to stubbornly play only in the center half position. A lot of it depends on your mindset. and how you approach the game.”

“I think I’m opening up more. And just be as involved with the team as possible. As for the position, it is not a fixed requirement. It is always subject to change. And that’s the way of football.”

For Gomez, he is one of the current Liverpool players who have been with the team for 9 years, playing 224 games and achieving a lot.