Dean Smith reveals Norwich aren’t sure

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Dean Smith reveals Norwich aren’t sure who’s ready to play amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Norwich City manager Dean Smith admitted that He is currently uncertain whether any of the players will be available for the Premier League game against Arsenal on Boxing Day tonight, after the team has been battling with COVID-19.

“We have several new cases of infection. And we have returned as well. But I think every club faces the same situation.”

“I’m still not sure who is ready. Because we will have a PCR test two days before the game. And when the results come out, we can tell who we are who have to leave the team to quarantine. Or ready to go on the field on Christmas Eve night, we missed training sessions. And we just got back in training yesterday afternoon.”

“We know this is a competitive period that is traditional in the Premier League and it is already difficult to compete. But it was even more difficult when this situation happened. How will we be ready in the next two games, which will be played just 48 hours apart? How ready will they be? We can’t tell yet.”

Recently, the team’s number one goalkeeper Tim Krul has announced via his personal Twitter that he has tested positive for COVID-19. and will definitely miss playing in this game