Chelsea 1-4 Brentford: collecting hot issues

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Chelsea 1-4 Brentford: collecting hot issues after the Premier League game, the Blues opened the home defeat

1. Brentford, good from start to finish

Although all 5 goals were score in the second half of this game. But if anyone has the opportunity to watch the game live. It can be seen that from the start. It was Brentford who pressured Chelsea from the first 10 minutes and had a chance to win 2-3 times during the period. Such time which until the home team can set up the game. Reported from UFABET

They have to wait until the first 20 minutes have passed But that can’t put enough pressure on the away team’s defense that the game looks uncomfortable and doesn’t flow smoothly. Until the beginning of the second half, although Rudiger’s wonderful shot will help the defenders lead. But after a few minutes, Brentford. As if the energy that was pumped at half-time. Had just taken action, firing back three goals in 11 minutes. Both from errors and the certainty of counter-attacking. And after that, it was a visitor who seemed to be able to control the game comfortably, despite being under some pressure, but still managed. before closing another box at the end of the game, taking 3 points home in an unexpected twist.

2. Back 4 is not the way for Chelsea

One of the main points that Chelsea fans raised after the game. That is the formation of a back four formation. Which has to be said. Before any game that start with this plan. Almost every game will be tight, including Newcastle’s 1-0 win over Crystal Palace. Asthma caught 0-1, or even the game that drew 1-1 with Brighton. Including the game in this match. That was clearly defensive that use to be strong looked fuzzy. Wrong position Falling out of positions like they haven’t practice. The more you use Alonso, who is famous for the most leaky defensive game. 

Plus, there is only one defensive center like Loftus Cheek that is not a natural position, so it is not surprising that Brentford’s counter-attacking game has always come loose. Which is too late to fix the game. and because when the team is led. The more they have to invade But the more attacking in the back, the more it leaks. Which 4 goals in this game are still consider too few compared to the chances that the visiting team can do in the second half.

3. Hope in the offensive game

Having said that at this hour, Chelsea can hardly expect a certain form with any attacker, only Kai Havertz, who in this game seems to be able to leave some ghosts. But pushing to shoot a lot of fishing birds, Timo Werner clearly can not rely on anything for a long time. Moreover, now that expensive spearhead, Romelu Lukaku, once again takes on the spirit of the refrigerator, becoming just a normal kicker, standing up to 11 men, unable to pick up the ball, cover the ball, or even make an impact.

You can do anything. Today, playmakers such as Mount and Ziyech have lost their form quite a bit. Unfortunately Pulisic. Who is in good form with the national team, is not name in this game. But the next game, of course, if the attacking game is dull and the defensive game is leaking. Perhaps the encounter with Real Madrid may not end with just four goals like this.

4. The 3rd place began to shake.

The defeat in this match means that, although they are still in 3rd place, they are 5 points more than Arsenal, but they have played more than 1 game. This means that if the Gunners win in the residual match. There will be only one gap left. 2 points only That’s not to mention a hard knockout of the top four, but it’s still possible if they continue to fall in form during such a tight schedule. There was also a problem with the transfer of the team.

Which did not know how much would affect the mental state of the players and staff. And the rest of the game navy blue lion Still have to face both Arsenal. Who may be the deciding match on the table, including Manchester United. Who have a chance to win the top four at this time. So it would be good if Blue Sing Party Will only stumble in this match and come back to form in time before everything is too late.